Duplex Ultrasound

This clarifies the site of the disease and whether it is narrowing or a complete blockage. It also measures the length of the occlusion and the type of disease in the artery. All this information is necessary to be able to advise you on the best possible treatment for you.

For this test, you will need to be fasted for 8 hours prior to the test to decrease the amount of gas in the bowel. Diabetics are not required to fast, they should continue to eat their normal meals and take their prescribed medication (Insulin or tablets). This test is performed while you are lying on a bed. An ultrasound probe images and records blood flow in the arteries from the level of the umbilicus to the calf in both legs. The test usually takes 1 hour but is completely painless and without any complications. Following this study the sonographer constructs a clear picture of all the abnormalities in the arteries to the legs.